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Will You Ever Eat Bagged Lettuce Again?

Will You Ever Eat Bagged Lettuce Again?

Will You Ever Eat Bagged Lettuce Again?


T.O. (Tracy) Crane for Alabama Commissioner Of Agriculture

A Maine woman found a dead lizard while eating salad made with a bag of chopped lettuce from California. She was pregnant. The lizard’s tail was missing. Reptiles are known to carry Salmonella and E. coli and other bacteria, viruses and parasites, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2016, Chiquita Brands International’s Fresh Express salad division recalled 480 cases of bagged “American Salad” because of undeclared allergens. In some individuals the consumption of an undisclosed allergen could be life-threatening. Chiquita’s salad division recalled salads in February, May and June — also because of undeclared allergen issues. In June the company openly blamed human error.

A major outbreak of a food-borne illness started in mid-March. Since then, the outbreak grew into the largest multi-state E. coli scare since 2006. As of May 15, 172 people in 32 states have fallen ill, including one person who died in California. Of these cases, 75 were hospitalized, including 20 who developed kidney failure.

All of these incidents shared common problems that still remain today. These incidents are behind us for now. Will we be seeing something like this again? You can count on it.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear – our food defense and agriculture security systems need a fresh perspective. I am considered a Food Defense and Agriculture Security expert. I am recognized as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) for ASIS International – the world’s largest security organization. I serve on ASIS’ Food Defense and Agriculture Security Counsel with some of the largest food industry corporations in the world. I can take care of these problems for you.


No. Hold the greens. Pass the gravy, please.

Tracy (T.O) Crane




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