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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries is a state executive position in the Alabama government. The Commissioner oversees the state Department Of Agriculture, which promotes and regulates agricultural and industrial activity in the state.



In addition to the above responsibilities, the Commissioner:


  • Oversees and promotes economic and industrial development in Alabama. § 2-2-8
  • Promotes economic and industrial development in this state, may expend the funds of the department in such a manner as the commissioner deems appropriate to entertain economic development prospects, to promote public relations with the prospects, and for other public purposes. § 2-2-8.1
  • Investigates and ascertains the state’s industrial possibilities. § 2-2-8
  • Takes a special interest in the promotion of industries “in the smaller municipalities and rural communities of the state. § 2-2-8
  • Enforces laws related to commercial weights and measures. § 8-16-6
  • Monitors pesticide usage. § 2-27-4
  • Establishes the criteria and an application process to provide for agricultural tourist attractions. § 2-1-13
  • promotes and stimulates, by research, education, advertising and other methods, the increased and efficient production, distribution, use and sale of cattle and beef products. § 2-8-1
  • Regulates the treatment of livestock and poultry. § 2-15-113
  • Regulates agricultural pest control. § 2-27-4
  • perform work involving investigations and the enforcement of all laws of the State of Alabama enacted for the purpose of preventing theft and unlawful dealing in and handling of cattle and other livestock.  § 2-2-14
  • Promotes the development and encourages the use of alternative fuels as a clean, abundant, reliable, and affordable source of energy.The commissioner shall appoint a director of the the Center for Alternative Fuels. § 2-2-90

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