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Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences


Alabama Elections 2018 - T.O. Crane for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
Alabama Elections 2018 – T.O. Crane for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

“Elections have consequences” has become a popular quote every since President Obama used it when meeting with Republicans in 2009 to negotiate terms of a much needed stimulus package. Once the negotiations were underway, President Obama showed his unwillingness to work with Republicans and Congress. He told the Republicans, “Elections have consequences;” he told Republican Representative. Eric Cantor. “And at the end of the day, I won. So I think on that one I trump you.”

In February of 2017, Democrat Senator Warren made a remarkable statement: “Democrats have the minority in the House, the minority in the Senate, but that does not make us the minority party. We are the party of opposition, and that is our job.” She continued saying, “We don’t have the capacity to stop Jeff Sessions if all the Republicans lock arms.”

Why am I sharing this little bit of political trivia with you? Because there are nuggets of wisdom that can be gathered from the quotes:

  1. First, politicians see elections as a battle. A battle that will have a winner and a looser. I felt it important to let you know I am not a politician – not yet anyway. I see the upcoming election as an opportunity. It gives Alabamians the opportunity to take a new direction; look at things with a fresh perspective. I do not see the election as a win or lose situation. What am looking for is a win-win outcome where all of Alabama has an experienced professional looking over the safety and security of our food supplies and production.
  2. Second, the upcoming Republican primary election is about much more than one candidate winning the primary and being placed on the general election ballot. It is about the people of Alabama placing a candidate in the office of Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries that knows something about providing Alabamians with a safe and abundant supply of food. It is about insuring that the great state of Alabama is forever seen as the land of opportunity for agriculture and industries.
  3. Third, the primary election is set for June 5, 2018. This election will decide which of the Republican candidates will be on the ballot in the November general election on November 6, 2018. You and I, as Republicans, must lock arms and place the best qualified candidate on the ballot. You have choices. You can vote for me, T.O. (Tracy) Crane, Gerald Dial, Cecil Murphy or Rick Pate. If you will take the time to read the articles I will be publishing throughout the campaign, I feel I can show you I am the candidate you should be voting for in June and in November.

Elections have consequences. Choose wisely.

T.O. (Tracy) Crane

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